Juppiter wastepaper bin for separated collection and rodenticide kit

Bin for separate collection in 3 sectors

Structure, metal, equipped with lock,; Internal separation into three sectors with hooks to stop the bag. faced in decorative metal with holes and upper cover with pivoting opening; Anchored to the ground by fischer. Ashtray perforated sheet metal exterior and easy to empty inner tray.

Cover with ring truncated conical ring with three holes for the insertion of the waste.

RODENTICIDE KIT A easily removable drawer, exact reproduction of traps for mice on the market,  is fixed on the bottom of the bin. There are 2 drawer slide guides and 2 end stop blocks.

Base made from aggregate concrete inside the drawer but separated from bait area

Treatment of metal parts phosphate coating, electrophoresis and polyester powder Qualicoat 2 for outdoor use.

Standard colours Black sable ; Dark grey antigraphiti ral7022, Dark green antigraphiti ral 6009;  other colours upon request.

Capacity 136 l;

Weight 53 Kg